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Patient-centered and individualized plans for expert foot care

Our nurses treat a variety of foot issues, including sores, blisters, ulcers, and infections. As highly-trained experts, they specialize in this area of care and bring professional support directly to your home.

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What is in-home nurse foot care

Among our many services, we specialize in foot care at home. Some of our patients require diabetes management while others need general foot care for issues like ingrown nails, calluses, and corns. We help ease these burdens with expert foot care that comes to you. Not only do we perform diabetes management, but we also help improve outcomes and offer helpful guidance.

Regularly scheduled in-home foot care might include:

Treatment of ulcers including infection management
Professional nurse assessment of feet and nails
Treatment of corns, calluses, cracked heels, ingrown nails
Managing symptoms and minimizing deformity
Post-surgery care
Patient education
Early detection of complications
Frequent assessment for blisters, ulceration, or calluses

We’re committed to helping people maintain a comfortable, independent life. Foot care is important because it allows your loved one to move around with greater ease and comfort. Perhaps most importantly, our professional assessments and supervision help prevent potentially serious issues.

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Benefits of expert foot supervision and care

Professional nurse observation and supervision are critical when it comes to foot care. Our experts know exactly what to look for when we inspect your loved one’s feet. Preventative measures are important to ensure the best outcome.

There are many advantages of in-home foot care:

Avoid unnecessary travel and outings
Minimize cost
Get professional care when and where you need it
No waiting or scheduling clinic appointments
Foot care education your loved one can put to use
Maintain a level of independence and comfort
Nurse assessment of feet

Constant trips to the clinic for foot care or diabetic concerns can take a toll. Specialized in-home care allows your loved one to get timely, personalized attention that promotes freedom and improved quality of life.

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Importance of professional insight into patient foot care

With meticulous supervision and care, major issues can be avoided. Our nurses help prevent deformity, impending ulcers, amputation, infection, and more. We can recommend the right therapeutic footwear, manage diabetic symptoms, assist post-surgery, and offer helpful guidance.

One issue commonly seen in diabetics is decreased blood flow to the extremities. For this reason, a callus or blister might go undetected for a long time. Having a nurse to help with diabetes management, diet, and supervision can make all the difference. Major complications can be avoided with an expert, personalized plan of care.

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After an in-person assessment, we’ll determine unique needs to design an individualized care plan for your loved one. As your family member’s needs change, their custom plan will evolve accordingly. Caregivers are expertly matched to provide specialized services that empower and support your family in a meaningful way.