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Temporary relief for primary caregivers

If you’re a primary caregiver in need of temporary relief, Grand River Nursing can help. Our respite care services include meal preparation, housekeeping, shopping, and more. We’ll create a personal care plan that perfectly suits the needs of your loved one so you can take time to focus elsewhere. We’re flexible, accessible, and highly trained in a wide variety of conveniently customizable services.

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What is respite care?

Respite care is the transfer of caretaking responsibilities, usually from a primary caregiver to a professional caregiver. At Grand River Nursing, we understand this can be a challenging step to take. Rest assured, caregiving is not only our profession but our honour.

Because respite care simply means temporary care, it can encompass a wide variety of services and varies from family to family. You may only need us while you go on vacation. Perhaps you need help every week on a specific day. Each family we serve receives a thorough evaluation and a customized care plan to meet their unique needs.

Grand River Nursing is dedicated to helping people receive support in the comfort of their own homes. We encourage independence, engage your loved one in meaningful ways, and commit to compassion and dignity for everyone we serve. Because we meet our patients where they are, we also provide respite in hospitals.

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Benefits of in-home respite care

Giving continuous care can be overwhelming and stressful. We understand that everyone needs a break now and then. Our staff is committed to providing reliable, consistent support you can count on when you need it the most.

Benefits of in-home respite care include:
Maximum convenience
Flexible scheduling
A wide variety of services offered
Emotional support
Custom care plans
Aid from seasoned professionals

Whether you need us for a few hours or a few days, we can help. We’re flexible, adaptable, and equipped to meet each and every need. With respite care, you can take a well-deserved break, confident that your family member is in capable hands.

We understand that entrusting your loved one’s care to someone outside the family can be hard. That’s why we go to great lengths to create custom care strategies that elevate the quality of life, provide comfort, and relieve stress – for you and your loved one.

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Importance of respite care for your family

Caring for a loved one while still tending to your own responsibilities is extremely challenging. Our respite care services allow primary caregivers to take care of personal matters while maintaining their peace of mind. At Grand River Nursing, our professionally trained staff specialize in all types of in-home care, including hospice care, palliative care, and respite care.

We carefully evaluate and assess the individual needs of those we serve. This enables us to provide a high level of human, personalized care at all times. We’re proud to be able to offer trustworthy support to primary caregivers who need some relief.

Our comprehensive list of services includes:

Shopping & Errands
Shoveling Snow
Conversation & Activities
Meal Prep & Cooking

Whatever your area of need, Grand River Nursing has a strategy for meeting that need effectively, efficiently, and with a kind, human touch.

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After an in-person assessment, we’ll determine unique needs to design an individualized care plan for your loved one. As your family member’s needs change, their custom plan will evolve accordingly. Caregivers are expertly matched to provide specialized services that empower and support your family in a meaningful way.