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Personalized errands to support caregivers and their loved ones

At Grand River Nursing, our in-home care extends to the grocery store, pharmacy, dry cleaner, and more. To best support caregivers and their family members, we’ll handle personalized shopping and errands outside the home – freeing up time for everyone. Our trustworthy caregivers are committed to easing the burdens of everyday tasks and chores to keep things running smoothly and comfortably.

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What does caregiver shopping include?

Our caregivers understand that striking a balance between support and independence is vital. In addition to companionship and medical support, we also handle various tasks and errands outside the home.

This might include:

Transportation to and from appointments
Grocery shopping
Picking up prescriptions
A trip to the dry cleaner
Personal errands

We’re proud to offer personalized support services. We understand that a critical aspect of in-home care is encouraging independence and confidence while relieving burdensome tasks and chores. We’ll work with you and your family to create a thoughtful, custom plan for optimal support and convenience.

During our initial in-home assessment, we’ll cover the specific shopping and errand-related services that will improve the lives of your loved one and anyone who cares for them. By handling these tasks ourselves, you and your family member have more freedom and quality time.

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Benefits of personal shopping

Juggling dry cleaner pick-up, medication retrieval, grocery shopping, and trips to the post office is a challenge. Our team is here to relieve everyday burdens by performing personal shopping and errands.

Benefits of caregiver personal shopping and errands include:

Keeping everyday life organized
Making sure prescriptions are updated and filled
Performing outside-the-home errands
Lightening the load of personal responsibilities
Driving, lifting, carrying, and unloading (groceries, etc.)
Maintaining a high quality of life

We all need a little assistance from time to time. Our personal shopping and errands services allow your loved one to keep their daily lives running in a familiar, recognizable fashion. Personalized care plans help balance independence with meaningful support. If running errands for your loved one has become too time-consuming, we can help.

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After an in-person assessment, we’ll determine unique needs to design an individualized care plan for your loved one. As your family member’s needs change, their custom plan will evolve accordingly. Caregivers are expertly matched to provide specialized services that empower and support your family in a meaningful way.